Stay away from seafood in China

I almost can’t believe this. China’s always had a pollution problem on their hands, especially in their waterways. Take Lake Chao, one of the five biggest freshwater lakes in the country.

To combat all the steamy sewage dumped into the lake, officials have devised an utterly nonsensical fix-it. They’ve released 1.5 million silver carp, each of which can eat up to 100 pounds of algae.

The only problem here is that, oh I don’t know, the algae is loaded with the aforementioned toxins from the sewage. I don’t think the Chinese passed ecology 101. If they had, they would know about bioaccumulation, in which fish eat algae, bigger fish eat the smaller fish, and so forth until it comes to our dinner table.

And that’s exactly what the Chinese are doing. They plan on directly selling the fish to consumers. Long story short–stay away from Chinese seafood!