Southwest’s video response to “Pretty Girls” debacle

Earlier this week, Soutwest Airlines came under fire again in the story about two young women begin escorted off a flight between Florida and California after causing a ruckus. In the public outcry and subsequent debate that followed, many people came to the defense of the embattled airline (check the Digg comments for some of the berating), but many of the facts still weren’t clear. Were the women actually causing problems? Were they really mistreated on the flight?

Well, in an effort to straighten out the matter, Paula Berg, PR from SWA has been in contact with the community including myself and one Mr. Cranky Flier pointing out their stand. Additionally, they’ve now posted a video on Youtube stating their stance. Despite the strange setting and verbage chosen by PR, the message basically confirms what most of us were suspecting: the women were being disruptive and Southwest chose to refund their return trips. Easy enough. Take a look:

[Via The Cranky Flier — although, I beat you to the punch on the first article. Ha!]