An open letter to Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel

Dear Mr. Zimmern,

First allow me to congratulate you on the premiere of your show’s second season tonight (10 pm EST on the Travel Channel). Despite what your critics may say– that Bizarre Foods is a gross-out rip-off of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations— I usually find your show interesting and your interaction with locals entertaining.

Now, having said that, there is one piece of advice– unsolicited though it may be– that I think you need to hear. I’ll boil it down (cooking metaphor!) to two words: wear pants.

Pants. As opposed to shorts.

Whether it’s guinea pigs in Ecuador, cow’s hearts in Morocco, or balut in the Philippines, there you are, flouting the local conventions and wearing shorts. Do you notice you’re the only one with exposed legs?

Sure, it’s boiling hot in some of these places, but everyone else seems to be enduring it in long pants. C’mon, you’re in pretty good shape, man– you can handle it.

Okay, I realize you’re not going to disguise yourself as a local no matter what you wear, especially considering there’s usually a camera crew following you around. But perhaps it would reflect better on yourself, your show, and your fellow American tourists, if you dressed a little bit more in the custom of your host country.

On a final note, despite the snark, I enjoy your show immensely, you seem like one hell of a nice guy, and keep up the good work. And remember, if they look like long pants, wear ’em!


Aaron Hotfelder