Budget travel: Arthur Frommer (who else?) chimes in on 2008

As the mighty greenback slides ever farther down the global monetary toilet, what traveler out there isn’t thinking about how to stretch his or her money more on the road this year?

Travel guru (I cannot decide whether to preface that with ‘universally acknowledged’ or ‘self-described’) Arthur Frommer is chiming in with his 10 best travel bargains for 2008.

Not surprisingly, Asian destinations are well represented: China, Vietnam and Bali all break the top 10 (China and Vietnam occupy the top two spots on Frommer’s list).

But Asia is dwarfed by the number of budget travel destinations located in the Western Hemisphere: Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Argentina are all touted for being good antidotes to our dollar doldrums. And hey, give it up for Sicily, representing Europe on the list.

Old Arthur seems to be in a list-making mood. Today he chimes in with another compendium, this one dealing with the 14 most significant recent developments in travels. Consumers won’t be surprised to see the dollar’s decline topping the list (though the greenback has been sliding for, oh, nearly a year now, so it seems to me Frommer is stretching a bit to describe that as a ‘recent’ development).

Hey, got a great budget destination that didn’t make Frommer’s lis?. Contact us and give us the details.