What shade of green traveler are you?

“Green” has turned into a hot word, especially in the realm of travel and ecotourism. Last week Aaron asked the question “does global warming make travel unethical?” giving us some interesting ideas on air travel and when to choose to not fly. But beyond cutting back on long plane rides, a lot of travelers take a variety of steps to make their journeys more green. So how green of a traveler are you? Go Green Travel has come up with a list of three definitions of green, determined by how many eco choices you make when you travel.

Pea Green Travelers – Pea green travelers are the ones who care about the environment, and they will choose a green option if it is cheap and easy, but they are not going to go to great lengths to make changes in their normal traveling habits.

Forest Green Travelers – These are the travelers at the opposite end of the spectrum; they do everything in their capacity to travel green. They don’t take planes, they only eat in organic restaurants, they carry a tent with them or they couch surf, and they most definitely wear environmentally friendly travel clothes.

Kelly Green Travelers – Kelly green travelers fall somewhere in the middle. They are conscious of the impact of their choices (whereas pea green travelers are only conscious part of the time), but because of time and budget constraints they may not always choose the greenest method of travel like their forest green friends.

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