Lancaster, Pennsylvania hotel must stop operating under Days Inn brand

As the Clinton and Obama campaigns crisscross Pennsylvania in advance of next month’s key primary there, we all can be reasonably assured that one place aids and campaign vols won’t be staying is the Days Inn Lancaster.

Why? Two reasons, really. For one, it’s the dirtiest hotel in Pennsylvania. And for another, it technically doesn’t exist anymore.

Days Inn Lancaster ranks ninth in TripAdvisor’s annual who’s who survey of the dirtiest hotels in the U.S. Now it seems that the Wyndham Hotel Group, which owns the Days Inn chain, is doing something about it. The company has handed the Days Inn Lancaster a cease and desist order from operating under the Days Inn brand.

The hotel had been independently owned and operated in a franchise arrangement. Wyndham spokesman Rich Roberts tells the Washington Post that the move was a result of the hotel “failing to meet quality standards.”

Ah, but this doesn’t mean that this sleazy place is shutting down entirely. The Post called the hotel, which confirmed that it would continue to operate, just without Days Inn signs, logos, etc.

My recommendation if you find yourself in Lancaster, hard up for a place to stay: Sleep in your car.