Columbus snow storm from an art car perspective

Yowza! It really did snow! When the flurries first started to fly, then thicken, I wrote about the leming-like trail to grocery stores. Yesterday, as one thing after another canceled, Greg Phelps, an art car celebrity of Columbus, took some photos from his car and kindly sent a link to one of them.

Every so often, I see Greg driving down the street. Seeing his car is similar to a movie star sighting. These photos give an unusual perspective of what the most snow Columbus has seen in years looks like. These guys are waving high and if you look carefully, you can see a pig snout.

Can you find the pig snout now?

An inside view before the car was parked and buried. Today was a real dig-out fest.

One of Greg’s cars is now a permanent addition to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, Kentucky. Greg has also been a feature of the Car Art Show in Baltimore and is a regular fixture at ComFEST–and any other neighborhood art event in the area.

This is the car without the snow. It was posted on Flickr just a week ago during the Arnold Sports Festival weekend.