Buddha turns into Butterfly in a flutter

Looks like we won’t have to worry about whether or not to take the Buddha Bus anymore because two days into its launch, it no longer exists. Tutut.

According to the China Economic Review, the name Buddha Bus was “somewhat unfortunate” and “possibly religiously offensive”. Looks like a few emails got to a certain dude Jack Phillips who was responsible for naming the bus and a couple of days later — post what I can’t imagine to be a long brainstorming session (like the headline of this post) — they have a new name — “Butterfly Bus”, modified logo, and domain (www.butterflybus.co.uk) — which currently has no information.

Whether or not “Buddha Bus” would have generated a frenzy among Chinese Buddhists, we will never know; if Buddha Bar could get away with it (and it is home to sex, drugs and alcohol!), I don’t see why Buddha Bus would have been a problem. I suppose it was the wise thing to do as the bus will be ending its journey in China with a large group of tourists with sore backsides; the last thing they want is to be received by offended Buddhists.

(Via Guardian Travel)