Airport security stops woman after finding skeleton in luggage

German officials stopped a woman arriving into Munich earlier this week because of suspicious articles in her luggage: part of a human skeleton. After discovering the contraband inside of the woman’s bags, airport police pulled the woman and her friend aside for questioning, prepared for the worst.

But as it turns out, it’s perfectly cool taking skeletons on an airplane with your luggage! The woman was able to produce the correct documentation to go with the bones, and airport security sent her on her merry way.

Apparently the elderly woman was bringing the bones of her deceased brother back from Brazil. He had died there eleven years earlier and it was his final wish to be buried in Italy.

Now the question is whether the skeleton was in her checked or carry on bags. It sure would creep me out if the woman sitting next to me had some human bones in her bag.

Read the full article, albeit bizzare, at the Arizona Central.

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