Vintage Vacations: Fulfilling your dream of Americana in England

Just like Jerry, I also recently watched Into the Wild. Although I am not tempted to delve into the Alaskan wilderness, all the great shots of California and the Grand Canyon reminded me of epic road trips. The classic American summer adventure has long entailed packing into some kind of vehicle and spending some quality time on the road. In my romantic image of the American road trip, thinking of trailer camping is inevitable; just think of Slab City in Into the Wild and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Vintage Airstreams complete with striped deck chairs out front; what says old-school summer vacation better than this?

I’m not the only one to romanticize the vintage American vacation; Vintage Vacations in Newport, England has grasped onto that very idea, making Americana available even during your holiday on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. The company was started by vintage-loving lady Helen Carey, who in 2004 bought an Airstream on Ebay and had it shipped from Missouri across the Atlantic to the Isle of Wight. Four years later and Carey’s holiday caravan park has been featured in a variety of travel magazines as a hip and funky destination.

For those with a soft spot for caravans, I highly recommend the site. You just might find yourself booking a ticket to England for this year’s classic vacation.