Genitalia restaurant in China

If you think that eating water-buffalo penis, a yaks knob with a hunk of foreskin, a dog’s penis, bull’s penis tip, bull’s perineum, or deer-penis juice is gross (excuse me one minute while I go to throw up), think again. Apparently they’re delicious delicacies, with energetic and virility benefits that rich Chinese people (mainly male members of the Communist Party) pay up to £250 for.

Guo-li-Zuang restaurant in Beijing specializes in serving such dishes of animal penises and testicles. China has a history of poverty and famine, which is why they are used to eating any animal and every morsel of it, so eating penises and testicles is nothing out of the ordinary. The stuff is mainly boiled, roasted or steamed, and served with a variety of items like lemon, soy, chili, honey and sesame-seed paste.

According to the author of the article on this restaurant: “All the knobs have intriguing, delicate and bizarre textures, although the flavor is mainly of pork braised in hot stock.” The restaurant is sexist though as it doesn’t serve female genitalia — but oh what the heck.

Now that I think about it a bit more, it doesn’t seem all that gross. They are really just body parts like anything else. I would have to say though, I’d probably enjoy it more if I didn’t know what I was eating.