JetBlue to charge extra for more legroom

Would you pay for extra legroom? JetBlue is betting you will, and plans to roll out an “upsell” program to offer more leg room on your next flight for an additional cost. AP reports,

“[JetBlue’s CEO] said JetBlue, based in Forest Hills, N.Y., soon expects to roll out a program called “even more legroom” that will offer passengers in the first few rows and emergency exit seats of its larger aircraft additional space for an added fee. A spokeswoman declined to provide details of the plan, but Barger made it clear the single-class carrier is not planning to start offering business-class service.”

Why not? If there’s a demand for it — and I’m sure there is — why not allow people to pay extra for the features they want? I really like the a la carte trend in the airline industry — I enjoy paying less for my flight, even if that means I don’t get to eat the rubbery piece of chicken I didn’t want in the first place.

But when JetBlue goes this route, I think they should offer the same service in the opposite direction: give me the option of having less legroom (my Dad went to school with him) for a cheaper fair. Go ahead, cram me in the back of the plane with my knees to my chin, I don’t care. If it costs less, I’m game.