400 people stuck on the London Eye

400 London Eye passengers were trapped for about an hour on the 135-meter high Eye yesterday. Apparently there was a technical fault with one of the tires that they thought best to fix before letting people off.

The process seems to have been dealt with quite well. All passengers were communicated with through intercom and were given access to the emergency blankets, water and commodes while they waited for things to be fixed.

The stories published in the media didn’t speak to any of the people who were stuck on there, however, an hour is a long time to be stuck on a giant wheel and surely the passengers (especially the ones at the top of the wheel) were scared if not petrified.

You may not be afraid of rides, but incidents like this can shake you up and are unforgettable. Anyway, there were no reported injuries, the wheel was fixed, and the passengers were given a hot drink and a refund when they stepped out. Good old British hospitality!