In response to national bullying, Denmark introduces Danish fish

National identity is important in Scandinavia. Jokes between the Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Finns fly back and forth like rapid bullet fire. It was therefore no surprise last month when Denmark accused Swedish furniture giant IKEA of bullying the country, by only naming furniture items of lesser value — for example, doormats and rugs — after Danish places.

After a surge of frustration, Denmark finally found a way to get back at their northern neighbors: the introduction of Danish fish. Similar to their Scandinavian brothers — Swedish fish — Danish fish are made of a gummy-like substance but with a delicious custard filling — just like the country’s namesake pastry.

Svensson Dagbladet, a Swedish daily newspaper, commented in an editorial piece that “the addition of Danish fish to the candy market is clearly symbolic of Denmark’s feeling of inferiority.”