Abu Dhabi to host camel beauty contest

As part of the Mazayin Festival, which starts on Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates will welcome over 10,000 camels to an international beauty pageant. Before the oil industry, the Bedou tribes prized the camel, and the animal was a main measurement of wealth. This could still be said for today as the pageant is one of the richest events of its kinds; over $9 million and 100 cars are ready to be given away to the best and most beautiful of camels.

Do you own a camel that can bat its eyes and impress the crowds? Anyone can enter their camel as long as they can provide proof of ownership and that the animal is free of diseases. The first camel beauty pageant in the United Arab Emirates too place six years ago. I wonder how young the camels start on their beauty pageant careers? And more importantly, is there a talent section?