Polar bear Knut senselessly murders ten carp in front of zoo visitors

Knut, the once-cute celebrity polar bear turned vicious killer, is at the center of a controversy over his brutal slaughter of ten carp at the Berlin Zoo. The massive polar bear, who has lived at the zoo since birth, apparently fished the carp out of the moat surrounding him and ripped them to shreds in front of several disgusted zoo patrons.

One of Germany’s top newspapers, Bild, ran the headline “Knut Embroiled in Carp Scandal,” and featured an article which quoted animal rights groups who criticized zoo officials for placing live animals within Knut’s reach.

It seems that Knut, the psychopathic killer that he is, eventually chowed down on the fish, but according to the BBC, “There is speculation that hand-reared Knut killed the carp just for fun.” One German newspaper reported that Knut “senselessly murdered the carp” before leaving their remains.

I think Tyler Cowen says it best: “Umm… HE’S A POLAR BEAR!”


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