Volunteer honeymoons: Less traveled couple vacations

I’ve always been against doing things you are “supposed” to do, especially the stuff that society expects.

As an Indian girl from a large, well-to-do family, I’m expected to have a huge 5-day wedding and a long exotic honeymoon. Talking about both before and after event, as well as the unjustified amount of money spent on them, are a big part of the shenanigan which is why I’ve ruled them both out as a waste of time, energy and money.

However, if I ever get married, I’d bring honeymoon back into the picture if it was a volunteer holiday. Spending your newly wed time away traveling as well as giving back to society (rather than lounging on a beach drinking Pina Coladas for 10 days) validates the whole idea of spending money on a trip you are taking just because you got married.

Global Volunteers, an organization that places over 2,500 volunteers across 20 countries, says that honeymooners are increasingly choosing volunteer vacations as the perfect way to start their new lives together. The company has sent honeymooners to Tanzania, India, Peru and other places around the world where communities are in desperate need of assistance.

Google “volunteer honeymoon” and the options are abundant; of course because a volunteer honeymoon is really a volunteer vacation you are doing as a couple. It makes so much sense and I imagine that it would do wonders for both your relationship and the cause you choose to volunteer for.

So, where do you begin? Well, the folks at Mahalo.com have done all the homework and narrowed it all down for you in a feature that gives you the whole “how to” process. From whether you should go at all, to where you should go, how long for, where and when to register etc, the article is full of resource links to causes you might want to volunteer for as a couple, along with advice on how to go about it — so check out their full feature about how to take a volunteer honeymoon.