Can’t get enough of that jetset lifestyle? Buy an airplane cabin!

I seriously thought this was a joke until I looked at the auction. Apparently, someone on Ebay Germany is selling an actual internal section of an Airbus aircraft, complete with seats, rails, overhead compartments and even OVENS.

What on earth would you do with something like that? I know I’m a bit of an airplane nerd and I like to stare out the window and fly around the country in circles, but I can think of very few uses for this. So I’ll put it to you guys: What would you do with a replica airplane interior? Here are my few (lame) ideas:

  • Set it up in my boss’ office while she’s out on assignment
  • Throw a pilots and flight attendants party and get drunk in it
  • Buy it (in Germany) and try to check it in on your flight home — “I brought my own overhead compartment”
  • Put it in my basement, drink whiskey out of four once bottles and bite my thumb at the TSA to my heart’s content

What would you do with an airplane cabin? I’m interested to see how much this auction goes for.

[Via Gizmodo]