Eat up: No more glamorizing the uber-thin in France

France has long been revered as a country full of svelte women. But because of a new bill adopted by the French Parliament on Tuesday, over glamorizing the thinnest of the thin may soon be criminal.

The bill proposes a crack down on websites that advise anorexics how to starve by recommending fines of up to $71,000 and three year prison terms. Websites that encourage “extreme skinniness” will have to wait and see what the Senate decides in the next few weeks; according to the fashion industry, if passed, the law would be the strongest of its kind.

So now that advocating “extreme skinniness” might be against the law, you don’t have to feel guilty about gorging on those croissants and other delicacies anymore. Better get an extra layer of nutella on that crepe.