Leif Pettersen’s guide to hostel etiquette

Over at his wonderfully entertaining travel blog Killing Batteries, Lonely Planet author (and former Gadling contributor) Leif Pettersen offers his “Definitive Guide to Hostel Etiquette.” (Okay, the post is from last year. What’s your point?)

Among the tips:

  • Just because you’re merrily drunk doesn’t mean I’m merrily drunk. This goes double for any time after midnight, because unless I’ve recently told you otherwise, I like sleep more than I like you.
  • You are not the center of the universe, I don’t care how long you studied in Paris.
  • Spontaneous farting is only funny under very precise circumstances. It requires exquisite comic timing that most of you don’t have, so better to just save yourself the embarrassment and do the slow release or, better yet, leave the room.
  • Do not have loud sex in the room while everyone is asleep and if you do, don’t get mad and demand “privacy” when the rest of us sit up and bemusedly watch.

There are 23 more. Check ’em out.

[HT: Brave New Traveler]