Eos Airlines files for bankruptcy

Eos Airlines filed for bankruptcy in the New York courts yesterday. This puts two of the three startup all-business class carriers out of business in the last four months (MaxJet folded in December), leaving Silverjet the only remaining contender.

At least they tried to run a few flights after officially shutting down operations. Several flights between JFK and Stansted ran today in an attempt to get a few strandees moved around. Apparently during the Skybus incident people just showed up at the airport and found kiosks and gates deserted. That’s not cool.

As of Monday, April 28th though, all operations will cease.

If you were booked on Eos, you’re going to need to call your credit card company to explain the situation and dispute the charges. Silverjet is also offering assistance to those stranded on their website, but don’t expect any free handouts.

So long Eos, you’ll be missed. :(