Pilot of British Airways crashed 777 set to resign, humiliated

Peter Burkhill, the captain of the British Airways (BA) 777 that crashed just inside of London‘s Heathrow Airport earlier this years has had some difficult times since the incident. Originally hailed as a hero with co-pilot John Coward, Burkhill has since taken leave for post-traumatic stress, only operating one flight since the incident.

As a result of his leave, BA have reduced his pay to reflect lost flying bonuses and are waiting to circulate him back into the roster after the investigation is complete. Unfortunately, this has taken the airline a substantial amount of time, leaving Burkhill to stand by idly while the bureaucracy plods along. Meanwhile, a few brave souls have questioned his actions in the final seconds of flight 038, saying that he froze during incident and criticizing his methods.

To the contrary, both British Airways and the Air Accident Investigation Board seem to indicate that Burkhill’s actions saved the flight from further disaster, but his efforts to expedite the investigation process, clear his name and get BA to publish his good deeds have so far been in vain.

Distraught, the captain has now started considering positions at other carriers. According to Britain’s Sunday Mirror, Burkhill sent a personal letter to Richard Branson asking for a position at Virgin and is also considering flying with Emirates. Perhaps these sort of threats will get British Airways to clear up the issue faster.