American Airlines executive calls Heathrow “a bit of a dump”

I am sure that travelers who experienced the recent Heathrow Airport terminal 5 mess probably had a lot of negative comments to make about it. When flights are canceled and baggage is lost, it’s hard to stay positive. So we complain, and then complain again when our complaints aren’t heard.

When you are a top executive for an airline however, your negative comments regarding an airport are hard to go unnoticed. Such is the case of Don Langford, head of customer services Europe for American Airlines, who recently labeled Heathrow as “the worst of all airports” that American flies to in Europe. That’s right folks, Heathrow is officially “a bit of a dump.”

Langford’s comments come just weeks after American moved most of its London flights from Gatwick to Heathrow. Gauging from Langford’s remarks that Heathrow “is not just bursting at the seams. I think the seams have burst,” consolidating American’s flights to Europe’s busiest airport may not have been the best of decisions.

Heathrow operator BAA responded to Langford’s comments that “We are investing £4 billion over the next five years….. you’ve got to realize that if you are going to invest that kind of money it takes time to put things right.” Let’s hope things get put right real quick.

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