Cheerleaders cause uproar in India

The minute I read that cheerleaders are being imported to shake their booties at India’s IPL tournament, I knew it would cause trouble: blonde and brunette “goris” (white girls) who are not shy of showing lots of skin is what the average Indian man only gets to see in films. Such girls live, only meters away from them, is enough to leave them drooling and dreaming of you know what. I am surprised that this wasn’t foreseen by Indian organizers before they spent the money to get them there.

Spectators are passing lewd and insulting comments and politicians are disgusted as they find the bopping boobs and and gyrating bums on the cricket field too vulgar for Indian tolerance standards. Having said that, Bollywood films these days are no less provocative so this uproar is a prime example of India’s double standards.

I had to laugh when I read in the BBC this quote by an Indian politician: “This thing is meant for foreigners and not for us. Mothers and daughters watch these matches on television. It does not look nice.” It reminded me of the most famous line Indian men say to other men when they are being lecherous: “Don’t you have mothers and sisters!?” It works wonders in making Indian men being sleazy to stop.

Anyway, security measures are at maximum for these poor girls who thought that coming to India and dancing in a national event would be all fun and games, meanwhile talks are being held to define the “line of decency” or to ban their appearance.

On second thoughts, I bet this uproar was foreseen: sexy international girls jiggying and thousands of Indians strongly reacting to it is enough to get another round of publicity in the international press — which is exactly what has happened.