Norwegian Cruise Lines sued over barring family from ship’s theme restaurants

Norwegian Cruise Lines is being sued by a California family for not properly disclosing in its vacation fine print that it is nearly impossible to get dinner reservations at the themed restaurants on board the company’s Norwegian Star, since the reservations usually go to passengers who have paid for more expensive cabins.

Eva Gularte is suing NCL on behalf of herself, her sister and her mother, who had not, it appears, booked into a top flight package on the Norwegian Star. The lawsuit was filed in Fort Lauderdale, where NCL is headquartered, on Monday, according to the Miami Herald.

Gularte wants full refunds for her and her family, plus “incidental costs.” Her lawyer is even trying to get class action status for the lawsuit, so other passengers shut out of the Star’s dining rooms can have their day in court.

No word yet on whether the Gularte family was allowed to eat at all while on board.

Question: Is it right to give better perks, like priority seating at restaurants, to cruise passengers who pay more money?

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