Indian man aspires to fly by hanging from helicopter… with his ponytail

Read the title of this post again. Now say “what???” As odd as it sounds, Shailendra Roy of eastern India isn’t kidding around.

Earlier this week Roy impressed crowds by pulling a train engine and three coaches. The Darjeeling toy train, which weighs about 35 tons, was attached to Roy’s ponytail by a metal chain. After pulling the train 10 meters, Roy proudly announced, “I am planning to dangle myself from a helicopter.”

How do you maintain such a ponytail? By rubbing it with mustard oil and doing lots of training, like pulling heavy logs and other objects. And apparently the flying thing isn’t totally new; last year Roy tied his ponytail from a rope and flew through the air from one building to another in front of television cameras.

Although we here at Gadling do not recommend you try Roy’s new way of travel at home, the concept is intriguing. And by intriguing I obviously mean slightly crazy.