Our world in a single moment: 100 pictures, 100 words

I discovered Ten by Ten about 4 years ago in Benetton’s “Colors” magazine and ever since I’ve logged onto it countless times.

The website gives you an hourly update on what’s happening in the world through 100 pictures and 100 words, all scouted by a program that scans through RSS feeds from BBC, Reuters and NY Times.

The pictures you see appear in order of importance (left to right, top to bottom). The word corresponding to the image tells you something about the photo; click on the image and you can see the top headlines this hour alongside the picture.

So in a nutshell: the website automatically captures an hourly updated image of the world. Benetton’s Fabrica artist — Jonathan Harris — who came up with the idea, calls it Internet Art.

What’s also cool is that from November 2004 till date, you can get the “image of the world” for any year, any day, and any hour.

It beats all the “day in photos”/ “best of week photo” sections on any news-site. Simple, creative, brilliant.