You and Europe video contest

Here’s a way to win a trip to Europe for two. Here’s one catch. You have to either travel to Europe and shoot a video of the experience–or have been there before and have a video on hand, or there’s no hope for you. The European Travel Commission’s, “You and Europe” contest is one where travelers submit video footage of their European trip to There it can be viewed by the public and the judges.

If you’re heading to Europe this summer, you have time. The deadline isn’t until September 30. After that the judges will decide who wins. According to the Web site, videos can be “funny, poignant, romantic, serious, or silly–capture an aspect of the culture–whatever captures your imagination.”

Videos need to be no longer than three minutes. As a bit of advice, based on “an aspect of the culture,” I wouldn’t make this a Borat-style film where your interactions are the focal point. The Web site is pushing Europe to travelers. As darling and stunning as you are, you’re not it.

To give you tips and ideas, there is a how-to video on making a travel video from CompulsiveTraveler that is geared towards the contest. You can also view what others have submitted for a shot of inspiration.

Hint: These are good. Make yours better.