Tours where you get to be Indiana Jones

As if traveling to a new country wasn’t adventurous enough, a Spain based company called “Viajes Con Imaginación” (Vacations With Imagination) has started offering trips to Egypt where they not only organize your entire itinerary, but they also plan strange things and make them happen to you. For example: robberies, kidnappings, ghosts coming to haunt you at night — it’s all part of the package — “Indiana Jones Style” they say. Check out their promo video of what you may encounter on your tour. Of course, exactly what will happen is a surprise.

They also offer a 3-day trip to London where under the “Jack the Ripper” theme, you get to be part of a mysterious investigation while you see the city.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t find this cool. Why would I want (and pay for!) an actor pretending to be a robber, jump on me and steal my money while I am enjoying the Pyramids? Besides, even if it sounds like fun, it’s NOT REAL — how could you take it seriously!?