Buy an island for less than a house!

Talking about buying islands, the island of Hanö in Sweden and all the artificial ones in Dubai are not the only ones up for grabs — there are 450 of private islands up for sale all over the world and PrivateIslandsOnline is probably the best place to find them, and buy them.

Honestly, I don’t give a rats about buying property, investing in something that’s going to take my lifetime to pay off just isn’t striking any chords at this point. And didn’t you have to be a celebrity to afford an island?

Apparently not! Looks like some of these islands are actually affordable, even if you are not part of the Branson family. On the website, there are islands available to buy for under $250,000 – even for as little as $28,000! They’re small but who wants a massive island to themselves anyway?

The only hitch I see owning a small island in the middle of nowhere is how would you get there? You’d need a motor boat or something.

What’s more, you can rent an island for a week for as little as $84 a week (accomodation and all!) — totally affordable, and pretty awesome — perhaps something to consider for your next trip? Or honeymoon!?

[Via: American Madness]