Drunk pilot found naked, lost in woods

Well I guess we know why Kent hasn’t been posting for a few days.

Police found a Pinnacle Airlines pilot lost in the Pennsylvanian woods last night, out on a drinking binge with a flight attendant and running around naked.

Apparently they had been at dinner together and decided to “go do it in the woods” on the way back to their motel. Somehow, they got separated and the flight attendant found her way into the fire chief’s vehicle which was parked at his house, making enough noise to rouse the officer and for him to make an inquiry.

Meanwhile, the pilot managed to find a local woman and ask her for a pair of shorts, since he apparently left his in the woods. She promptly called 911 and the police and a helicopter soon found the pilot hiding behind a shed wearing only a wristwatch and a pair of sandals.

The pilot’s arraignment includes charges of indecent exposure, open lewdness, public drunkenness, loitering and prowling at night and disorderly conduct.

Pinnacle Airlines is owned by Northwest, the airline that incidentally happens to own Compass Airlines. You may recall that a Compass flight attendant intentionally started his aircraft on fire last week because he didn’t want to fly on a particular route.

I realize that morale is low with the merger and all, but what is going on with this airline?

He’s not the only nude, wild traveler: