New Zealand pilots have prayers answered in emergency landing

Two New Zealand pilots appeared to have their prayers answered yesterday — literally.

The Associated Press reports that the two, flying a microlight plane, ran out of fuel inflight. Forced with making an emergency landing, the two offered up some prayers and managed to land in a field, where they stopped right next to a 20-foot sign that read “Jesus is lord.”

One of the pilots, Grant Stubbs, told the AP: “My friend and I are both Christians so our immediate reaction in a life-threatening situation was to ask for God’s help.”

It appears to have worked. The two managed to make it over an imposing mountain ridge before finding their flat landing area. Stubbs even thinks something divine was at work in the timing of the incident: Had their engines shut down a few minutes before, the plane would not have made it over the mountains.

Gives new meaning to the phrase heavenly skies, I guess.