British Airways: We’re going to take our time moving to Heathrow’s Terminal 5

Even as the chaos that was the opening of Heathrow’s much vaunted Terminal 5 this spring seems to have subsided some, British Airways says that it will not make the full move to the new wing until after the busy summer travel season.

“Terminal 5 is working well, and this phased move has been planned in the interests of our passengers and the smooth operation of Heathrow over the busy summer period,” British airways said in a statement, reported by the Associated Press.

Now, a handful of long haul BA flights will be moved from Terminal 4 to 5 early next month. But then no other moves are planned until September, when another 30 or so daily flights — including service to Dallas, Chicago and Washington — will make the move. The full move won’t be completed until October.

BA had wanted to make these switches in a matter of days after the new terminal opened in April. But we all saw how well that went. However, come October the carrier will be have about 500 flights a day using the new wing, it says.