He’s baaaack: Determined, 10-year-old runaway nabbed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

We’ve written about Semaj Booker before. He was the 9-year-old kid last year who managed to talk his way onto two flights and make it all the way from Seattle-Tacoma to Texas. A few days before the incident, Booker had stolen a car and allegedly led police on a high speed pursuit.

Well, Booker, now 10, has just been nabbed again.

The Associated Press is reporting that Booker talked his way past Transportation Security Administration workers at Sea-Tac yesterday before being apprehended at the gate as he tried to board a Southwest Airline flight to Sacramento.

This happened around 6:30 a.m.; Booker had been reported missing by his mother since 3 a.m.

Investigators are questioning how he was able to get through security without presenting a valid boarding pass.

Right now, police have turned the matter over to the local justice department, who is deciding what, if any, new charges need to be brought (he’d been charged in the stolen car incident, but was not sent to juvenile detention).

All I have is man, this kid must really want to leave Tacoma.