The world’s top twelve hottie hang-outs

A couple years ago, as I was sitting in a mall food court in Krakow with an American friend of mine, we played an immature but instructive game involving female passersby: Would we or wouldn’t we (let’s say) date them? Of the first ten girls that passed by, nine were a resounding “yes,” and the tenth was “yes, in a pinch.” Such responses were not merely the product of our usual low, take-what-you-can-get standards. Every girl in this mall, and seemingly every girl in Poland, was an absolute knock-out.

Over at Bootsnall, Roger Wade takes a look at twelve more places to check out the world’s most beautiful people. The usual suspects like LA, Miami, and Sydney make the list, but there are also some unexpected entries. The inclusion of Rabat, Morocco, might surprise some people, though, having been there, I couldn’t agree more. Also making the cut are Tel Aviv, Montreal, Copenhagen, Tokyo, and the home of one of Gadling’s own beautiful people, Prague.

Whole thing here.

Funny and sort of related video from Flight of the Conchords: “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.”