Do escalators eat Crocs?

I’ve been slow to catch on to the whole Croc trend, even though I hear that they’re crazy comfortable. Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to pull away from the Birkenstock trend or maybe it’s because I think they look kind of goofy. That’s fine. I’ve never been the pinnacle of style anyway.

Passing through the Tokyo airport the other day though, I saw this sign posted at the top of the escalator with a photo of our favorite polymer shoes on them. It says:

“Caution! There have been many reports of accidents in which people’s resin sandals have got caught in the escalators.”

I had no idea that there was an issue with Crocs and moving stairs. I guess I’m most surprised that some American hasn’t tried to sue Crocs for a million zillion dollars because their foot got stuck in an escalator or for “wrongful imprisonment.” Has anyone had a problem with Crocs on escalators? Should I call the fire marshal?

Either way, watch your step when you’re on the escalator at the mall this weekend. You could be in danger!