Now where did my jumbo jet go? There it is!

Anyone lose a Boeing 727 lately? I just checked my hangar and all of mine are in stock. Girlfriend check one out? Nope, she’s on the yacht.

Well someone is missing one. Vietnamese officials at Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport can’t seem to figure out who left the aircraft at their airport late last year; it’s currently sitting collecting dust at on the tarmac with an outdated order for “essential maintenance”. Nobody has bothered to claim it.

Looking at the aircraft, there is a Cambodian flag on the skin with the name “Air Dream”, but the Vietnamese don’t seem to have any information on the airline — whether that’s a testament to a defunct, outdated airline and aircraft or the failures of the communist bureaucracy, I’m not sure.

Meantime, I have half a nerve to send one of my Vietnamese cousins up with a briefcase full of parking fees and say that the 727 belongs to my family. I’ve been meaning to bedazzle one of my aircraft and park it out on my front lawn in The Hamptons. Maybe Gridskipper will pick up the story.

What strange things have been found on planes?

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[Thanks to moody75 for the tip]