So that’s why the Japanese are so spunky

Walking through Tokyo’s Harajuku the other day, I happened to stumble upon a safe sex store — and when you’re in a place as strange and foreign as Japan, you’re pretty much required to go in.

As Matthew frequently points out in the Big in Japan series, Japanese are obsessed with looks, improving their appearances and improving their sex lives. Check out the F cup cookie if you don’t believe me.

They’re also obsessed with cartoons, anime and make believe creatures.

And what happens when those two passions intersect? You get Pokemon’s Pikachu style condoms. As to how well they work (and/or if they’re meant to work), I’m not sure. There is a disclaimer on the box that says “For entertainment uses only, will not prevent STDs”. But is that entertainment as in “look at it on the mantle” or entertainment as in actual use?

All that I know is that it looks terribly uncomfortable for both parties involved. Needless to say, I did not spend the 800 yen.