Man with gun and ammuntion arrested in Canadian airport

Traveling with my parents to New York City this past weekend, my father was stopped at the security screening because his toothpaste was too large. He thought that gels were okay but they were not. An innocent mistake, and after surrendering his Colgate he went on his merry way (to his soon to be canceled flight).

It’s pretty hard to find an excuse for carrying a handgun onto an airplane though. That’s exactly what a man in Calgary, Alberta tried yesterday when he was caught with the weapon in his carry on luggage when it went through security.

He was arrested without incident and charged with four counts of weapons related charges.

Details on the incident are still a little sketchy; there is no word on what the man’s motivations or plans were. I’m just glad that the guy operating the x-ray machine was on top of his monitor and saw the weapon go through security. We’ll let you know what happens.