Skype 4.0: “The biggest new release in Skype’s history”

Skype, every traveler’s favorite internet-based phone service, last night unveiled Skype 4.0 beta, which Skype president Josh Silverman calls “the biggest new release in Skype’s history.”

The newest version of Skype will feature easier video conferencing, the ability to import contacts from your email, and records of past conversations displayed next to people’s names in your Skype directory. In addition, video chats, which make up about a quarter of all the calls made on Skype, will now allow picture-in-picture and greater space for texting or sending files while on a video call.

Skype, which was purchased by eBay in 2005 for $2.6 billion (billion!), has more than 300 million registered users.

It is also one of the greatest things ever invented for homesick travelers on a budget– or so I’ve heard.

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