Open Skies airlines gives free companion fares through summer

By this point you’ve probably heard the buzz about Open Skies airlines, British Airways‘ new daughter airline that is flying a new business-class-only type of service between New York City and Paris. They just started operating yesterday and are slowly starting to build their reputation and customer base.

Outside of the internet and this blog though, most people are out in the ether. I’ve mentioned the airline to a few people and they didn’t know what I was talking about, let alone what the Open Skies Agreement, proper, was.

Open Skies knows this, which is why they’re starting to prod some of the frequent flyers and attention-payers out in the market. They’re now offering members of Flyertalk, the local airline and mileage forum free companion tickets on fares booked through the end of the summer — yes, that’s high season.

And yes, you can join Flyertalk too.

Tickets have to be booked in at least biz, their second tier of service, but adding up the numbers, I got round trip prices in late August for about 830$ per passenger. That’s 40$ less than an economy ticket on the competition. That’s a good price.

If you want to check out the offer and join Flyertalk, check their website here or bounce over to Open Skies for their official page and booking instructions.

See you in Paris.