Terrorist themed restaurant in Lebanon

Who said terrorism and violence couldn’t be laughed at, or to that matter, even eaten!? Fast food restaurant “Buns and Guns” in Beirut allows you to do both.

In a space decorated as if a military post (with weapons, ammunition and camouflage netting hanging from the ceiling), this eatery serves “rocket propelled grenade” (chicken on a skewer), “terrorist bread” and other dishes called Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper and B52.

This concept is unique and the owner says that it’s successful as people laugh before they ask any questions. I guess the second meaning of “buns” is out of context for people who speak English as a second language, so with that in mind, the name is smart and the motto is even smarter: “A sandwich can kill you”. The image is the menu. Apparently, people eat to the sound of guns rather than elevator music — perhaps the only disturbing element of the diner.

When I lived in Dubai, I worked with and encountered many Lebanese people and one thing that stood out about most of them was their great sense of humor. When such a war torn country can take a serious issue and knock some giggles into it tastefully (in this case, literally!), it’s refreshing.