The new TSA photo ID requirements and what it means for you

By now you’ve probably heard that the TSA just enacted new rules stipulating what is required for photo identification when going through airport security. People all over the place are outraged about it, and I thought that we should give a quick shakedown on what the change is and what you need to do about it.

Basically, the rule states that anyone refusing to give their ID at the security checkpoint can be denied access. This does not mean that if you forget or lost your ID you’ll be turned back. This only applies if you refuse to give any identification and refuse to work with the TSA to establish your identity.

To put it more simply, “Don’t be a jerk when you forget your ID at the airport, or the TSA will throw it right back at you.” Several accounts I read over the internet over the past few days, including this one at The Consumerist, strike me as borderiline passive-agressive jabs at the TSA or workers at security checkpoints, as if they were waiting for security to do something stupid so they could rush home and blog up a stink.

While this new policy is admittedly pretty stupid, it’s a waste of energy and breath to take it our on your sad TSA worker or your blogging peers. Consider writing to your congressman or complaining directly to the TSA if you want your issues to fall on the right ears.

In the mean time, if you find yourself at the airport without proper identification, relax. You’ll have to go through extra screening at the airport and might be held up a little, but you’re not going to be taken to Gitmo.