Top ten signs you have a bad travel agent

Remember travel agents? You know, those people who used to book your flights and hotel rooms before the interwebs came along and allowed you to do it yourself? Apparently, they still exist! Yeah, I didn’t know either!

On Friday’s Late Show, wiseacre David Letterman offered his “Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Travel Agent.” Among them:

  • Hotel stay is six days and two nights
  • Won’t let you go on vacation for more than a week because he’ll miss you
  • Your “plane ticket” is a post-it note with the handwritten message “Please admit one to the airplane”
  • When you’re in New York, he recommends you see a taping of “The Late Show”

[and from the “expanded” Top Ten list]…

  • Asks you where you want to go, how long you’ll be gone, and what’s the best way to break into your house

Whole thing here

[HT: World Hum]