Trolley cabinets: Airplane design for the home

When flying, a common complaint is having your elbows hit by the airline trolley that carries the in-flight beverage service. Even worse, what about when you get up to go to the bathroom and beverage service has started — just how do you get around the trolley and get back to your seat?

But apparently not everyone has the same negative attachments to airline trolley carts that I do. If you have a soft spot for the carts, or want to make your home seem more like an airplane, you need to check out German design company Bordbar. Using original aluminum trolleys from various airlines, the designers have decked them out in flashy colors and motifs to turn them into a functional and trendy shelving systems. The trolleys are custom designed, so using the “trolley configurator” on Bordbar’s website you can pick out the exact color, motif and if you want drawers, boxes or shelf boards inside.

Unfortunately, the customized airline trolleys aren’t available for purchase just yet. But until they officially come out in October, you can rent them. Sounds like just the thing for when you want to make your staycation seem more like an actual trip.