Drunk American Airlines passenger grabs flight attendant’s butt…in front of wife

Can somebody out there please tell me what is with these people going crazy on flights?

The Associated Press reported another incident yesterday involving a passenger who got a little too hopped up on booze and proceded to grab a flight attendant’s buttocks after throwing a bunch of ice at his fellow travelers.

The passenger’s name is Jacob Kline, and he was traveling on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte on Tuesday. Kline started drinking rum and cokes and quickly became disruptive. (After three. Kind of a light weight, huh?)

After flight attendants refused to top him up for a fourth time, Kline allegedly took his cup of ice and started throwing cubes around the cabin. He then got up, started swearing and tussled with a flight attendant until someone the AP describes as “very large in size” subdued him.

And get this: Kline was traveling with his wife and two children.

The pilot reportedly requested a rapid descent landing. Kline was arrested and charged with being intoxicated and a whole host of other things.

This happened about a week after a JetBlue passenger punched a flight attendant after she lit up a cigarette during a flight.

This latest incident will no doubt bolster the zany idea of a Denver group that is trying to petition the nation’s airports to install special smoking sections for marijuana enthusiasts, thinking that if you allow passengers to get high there will be less of a chance that they will become disruptive on a flight.

Grant reported that story on Wednesday.

What strange things have been found on planes?

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