Gadling TAKE FIVE: Week June 21–June 27

With stock prices plummeting, the Midwest flooding, and all other difficulties in the world, I looked over the Gadling posts this week for the cheery and creative stuff.

  • George Carlin’s death wasn’t cheery news, but Aaron’s post made me laugh. He recounted one of George Carlin’s routines, “A Place for My Stuff.” That’s cheery and creative.
  • Kelsey told us that if your car breaks down on a highway in Mexico, the Green Angels will come to save you. This is cheery news to know.
  • If you don’t have the money to travel around the world, Jeremy suggested The Brickskeller in Washington, D.C. Here you can drink your way around the world. That’s one creative way to experience an aspect of various countries from the comfort of a bar stool.
  • When it comes to that perfect signature piece of furniture, Anna pointed out airplane drink trolleys. They have been jazzed up for the home. Heather was cheered by that news, and they certainly are creative.
  • And Abha wrote about “Buns and Guns” an eatery in Lebanon that, if nothing else, is creative.

But, the most cheery of all is Matt Harding’s video “Dancing 2008.” If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out. I’ve watched it at least eight times.

Here’s hoping you have a cheery weekend and that you find something creative to do.