Drunken Swede tries to row back home from Denmark

Partying while traveling certainly has its perks; for starters you get to meet new people and test out the local drink of choice. Often drunken escapades turn into great stories — “this one time at a bar in [insert country] I…” — but sometimes things get a little too out of hand. That’s what happened to a 78 year old man who was preparing to board a ferry at Helsingør, Denmark to cross the straight back home to Swede. When the man opened his wallet he realized that he had spent all of his money at the bar, and could therefore not pay for the ferry ride.

Wanting to get home, the man stole a rowboat and headed in the direction of Sweden. Tired and slightly inebriated, the man passed out in the hopes that the currents would get him across the 4 kilometer straight. Eventually he was found by the Danish Coastguard. When he sobered up he was put on the next ferry home; no news on how he paid for the ticket.

Travel moral of the story: always keep some extra emergency cash stashed away in an inner wallet pocket so that you don’t find yourself in this kind of a situation.