WiFi? Yes. Free breakfast? Not so much: What else are hotels offering these days?

If you’re a person who likes a free breakfast when you go to a hotel–the donuts and Fruit Loops call out your name the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you might be missing out.

According to a survey conducted for the American Hotel and Lodging Association, of the 10,000 hotels out of 45,000 that participated, they’re providing wireless Internet more often, but cutting out the free breakfast. You can get the free breakfast at many– but don’t assume.

Here is a summary of the survey findings to help you compare what you’ll be getting for your dollars before you make that reservation.

  • 91% offer Internet (15% hotels charge for it, and of those, 75% to 91% of them fit into the luxury to up upscale category)
  • 75% have a computer in the lobby for guest use
  • 47% have indoor swimming pools.
  • 58% have outdoor swimming pools
  • 82% have refrigerator in the room
  • 40% have only non-smoking rooms
  • 25% have allergy-free rooms
  • 67% have weekend specials
  • 56% allow pets, and of those, 67% charge extra for your four-legged family member.
  • 43% have flat-screen TVs
  • 48% offer vegan meals
  • 66% offer healthy meals
  • 70% offer a free newspaper

And about that free breakfast? 59% offer it, but that’s down 9% from two years ago, the last time the survey was conducted.

For more details, read the MSNBC article. You’ll notice how the changes reflect societal trends and habits.