Another day, another drunken airline passenger

I wonder if the reason that everyone seems to be getting drunk on airlines lately is because the stress level is so high. Perhaps it’s a means to deal with the stress of having no leg room or no meal during an excruciatingly long flight. Jeff posted an article about an unruly passenger getting drunk, throwing ice and feeling up flight attendants last week, while the week prior another woman lit a cigarette, punched one of the crew and forced the aircraft to divert to Dallas.

This week, a Drexel student named Taylor Kircher flying transatlantic on British Airways drank an entire bottle of his duty free vodka before going on a drunken tirade through the aircraft. In the process of his debauch, the student spat on two flight attendants, broke a jump seat and was caught masturbating through his clothing before he had to be physically restrained with handcuffs.

Kircher even went so far as to threaten to “blow the plane up” if they didn’t free him of his restraints, which, I believe is quite illegal.

Authorities detained the student on arrival in New York‘s JFK where they will hopefully press charges and never let him fly again.

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